I’m a lifestyle photographer, educator, believer, wife, mom, and blush color lover. 

A dreamer, hugger, margarita and Ramen noodles lover. My happiest days are spent traveling and serving others through my gifts.

It is a true honor being a part of so many of your special moments. My goal as your photographer is to build a life long relationship. When you look back through your wedding album each year on your anniversary and even during those in between times, or when you walk through the hallways of your home and look at the pictures of your family, you'll be transported right back to that exact moment, that exact feeling, by providing timeless images that tell the story of YOU.

What I do for you and your family give me so much joy and I’m so blessed I get to do this full time. As you browse, I hope you see that so much of me and my family has led me and my business to where I am today and hope you enjoy!

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 I’m in business to capture moments in people’s lives that excite them, remind them, and inspire them. I want to provide you an authentic experience. My passion for genuine, timeless, blissful images drives my business.

My mission is to serve you whole-heartedly by providing an exceptional, authentic experience and images that last a lifetime and tell your story. I want to connect with you as friends, as real people, not just another client, another session, another paycheck. Life is too short not to invest in and serve people. I fully believe when you genuinely invest in people, they will invest in you.

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 I’m a wife to my hard working, entrepreneur, hunk of a husband, Alex; and thankful mama to our daughter, Anderson Day and new addition, Archer Alexander. I grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but we are planting roots in the small town of Enid. We enjoy spending time with family, our tradition of cooking ribs on Sunday afternoons, pool parties at the in-law’s, road trips and family vacations, and our on-going home improvement/décor projects.

How I “share my passion”…
My passion for teaching photography has grown exponentially since forming Kindred Photography Workshops and H+H Mentoring. The pure joy of teaching others and sharing my experience with others is intoxicating. 

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Kindred Photography Workshop: 

As a mom, you've probably been snapping photos of your little ones since their very first day.  With a digital camera, it's never been easier to document the important moments in your child's life and share them with family and friends.

The Kindred Workshop was developed by Angela of Hazel and Haze Photography and Kacey of Kacey Gilpin Photography after both discovering a genuine passion for teaching photography basics to moms to better capture the here and now.  This photography course was designed for moms who want to take better pictures of their kids, while also building an inspired, positive community with other like-minded moms.  We cover topics including lighting, composition and posing using your DSLR camera.

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I am a dreamer and a doer. When I first started Hazel and Haze Photography back in 2013, I had a vision of how I wanted my photography business to unfold and where I saw my business in five years. But...I was a little stuck on how I would get there. So…I subscribed to all the best photography email lists, watched all the best photography webinars, and invested in all the best workshops.  Needless to say I was way, way overwhelmed and still felt a little lost.  

If you are just starting out photography and trying to build your business, or maybe you have started to grow your portfolio and you feel pretty confident in your abilities, but just need that extra boost of information from another photographer who will encourage and support you to achieve your professional photography business goals. Mentoring sessions are the investment for you! 

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